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Many peoples’ only significant interaction with the court system during their lifetime is attending Family Court incident to a divorce or child related issue. These situations are rarely pleasant, yet marriage and family creates legal ties that only a court has the ability to sever.

Anytime that spouses or parents have a legal dispute which they cannot resolve cooperatively, they may need to take their cases to family court. Family court is the only way to obtain a divorce, divide assets upon divorce, to establish a child custody plan, or to demand Alimony and/or Child Support. People who go to Family Court who are unfamiliar with the process or unprepared to argue their case may find that the resulting orders have a negative impact on their lives for years into the future. A Greenwich family lawyer can help you understand the law, create realistic goals, and to make persuasive arguments to protect your interests in court.

The Role of the Family Court

The creation of the family unit does not just imply a spiritual bond. It also creates a legal bond that people are unable to sever on their own. The two major connections are those between parent and child and that between married people.

Having a child creates both rights and obligations for the parents including the right to parent and make decisions concerning the future of that child as well as the requirement to support that child. Family Courts in Connecticut can create orders that determine custody, living arrangements and a parenting schedule for children and setting the parents’ support obligations.  Courts can also create this family bond through the process of adoption.

While two people do not need to go to a courthouse to get married, they are required to file a lawsuit with the court to obtain a divorce. Both parties to a marriage have various right and obligations as to property, income and support which rights can only be conclusively resolved via the Family Court – either through a cooperatively negotiated settlement contract, or via a Trial before a Judge. A Greenwich family attorney could provide more information about the role that family courts play in resolving family conflicts as well as providing strategic counsel to reach an amenable result.

How Could Hiring a Family Lawyer Help in Court?

All parties who take a case to family court have a preexisting relationship with the other litigant, and the outcome of the case can have a profound impact on their life for years to come. For this reason, family law cases tend to be very personal and emotions may run high. Hot-button issues like money, property and children are at stake.

It is essential to be able to approach a family court case from a position of strength and clarity and with an experienced Greenwich family attorney as an ally, this position may be assured. A dedicated attorney can help people to navigate the family court system to ensure proper filings, handling the complex details of a case, allowing the party they represent to continue living their life.

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Every issue that must go before a family court is a serious matter and these courts accordingly have the power to distribute property, allocate debt, determine child custody, and to order one party to provide cash payments and/or support to another.

Regardless of the reason that you are choosing to go to family court, a Greenwich family lawyer could be of assistance by helping to negotiate, file paperwork, or litigate. The outcome of a family law case will determine your immediate future as well as that of your children. Reach out to an attorney today to learn more about your legal options and start defending your interests.