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Family law is the area of legal practice pertaining to the resolution of disputes among family members whether it is divorce, alimony, adoption, paternity, child custody, or child support issues. Family Law touches on very personal aspects of people’s lives and can be especially difficult and sensitive to handle. If you require help with any legal issue in your family, an experienced Fairfield County family lawyer can help you fight for the outcome you need and deserve.

A family law attorney can clearly explain your legal rights and options as well as represent you in negotiations and court appearances when necessary. Navigating the courts and legal process is often difficult, but a seasoned attorney could help you handle these complexities, allowing you to focus on the future of your family.

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Schoonmaker, George, Colin, Blomberg, Bryniczka & Welsh, P.C. strives to provide high-quality legal representation to individuals in sophisticated family law matters including divorce, child custody, visitation, spousal and child support, property division, post-judgment modification and contempt hearings, as well as negotiation and drafting of premarital and postnuptial agreements. The firm also has an Alternative Dispute Resolution department.

For the past 23 years, Schoonmaker, George, Colin, Blomberg, Bryniczka & Welsh has been representing clients throughout Connecticut in complex family law matters. The firm handles all aspects of family law and our attorneys are skilled mediators, negotiators and litigators.

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Family Law

Even though there are many types of cases in Fairfield County, a family lawyer will likely have experience handling many of the more common legal issues families face such as:

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The Fairfield County family attorneys at Schoonmaker, George, Colin, Blomberg, Bryniczka & Welsh frequently publish articles in the area of family law. These articles are typically published in many of the most well-known legal publications in the field of family law in Connecticut. The following is a selection of recent publications.

CT Lawyer Magazine, June 2015
Written by Vladimir V. Korobov, Aidan R. Welsh, Esq. & Peter M. Bryniczka, Esq.
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ABA Family Advocate, pp. 26-29, Vol. 36, No. 1, Summer 2013
Written by Peter M. Bryniczka, Esq.
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CT Lawyer Magazine, November/December 2017
Written by Aidan R. Welsh, Esq.
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Seeking representation and advice when facing an important family legal matter could help make any conflict smoother and ensure that your wishes are honored. Getting help from a Fairfield County family lawyer is practically a necessity if your family law matter involves significant financial assets or children. Contact a local lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights and start working to solve the legal problems your family is facing.

The recent Coronavirus, or Covid-19, pandemic is affecting many aspects of life in Connecticut. This includes matters related to family and divorce law. The courts in Connecticut currently remain open. However, there are some significant changes to operations due to the Coronavirus that may impact filing for divorce, parenting plans, and other family law matters.  The courts will only be addressing Priority 1 business matters at this time, which for family law means that the courts are only hearing relief from abuse and emergency custody matters.
The members of our firm are available to speak with you about any family law matters.  We also have an Alternative Dispute Resolution Department, led by Judge Thomas Colin (Ret.),  that can help to expedite the resolution of matters during this time when the courts are hearing only limited matters.   Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss further with you.