Jill Blomberg

She confidently assured me of where everything would land, and astonishingly, it fell within a single percentage point from her initial estimation. Her ability to provide clarity and foresight saved me significant time, money, and unnecessary stress. Jill carefully guided me through the formulaic aspects of the process, reminding me along the way which circumstances would actually impact the outcome. Although I may have paid more upfront, I learned quickly that I didn’t want to be penny-wise, pound-foolish. We leveraged an earnings capacity expert to find innovative solutions and in hindsight, it was all a wise investment, as I will more than recoup those costs by not paying eleven years of alimony.

Throughout the process, Jill’s guidance extended beyond the legal aspects. She encouraged me to practice gratitude by writing down three things I was thankful for each day. This simple yet powerful practice helped me maintain perspective and stay focused on taking care of myself. Jill kept reminding me to keep my eye on the prize and embrace the newfound independence awaiting me once the divorce was finalized.

Jill and her team are like a family to me. While Jill skillfully captained the ship, Molly and Rachel provided exceptional support, lending their expertise whenever needed, at a more cost-effective rate. Jill’s understanding of intricate financial matters, unwavering determination to fight for what’s right, and insightful guidance that extends beyond the confines of the legal realm have truly made a remarkable difference. I am immensely grateful to Jill and her exceptional team for their dedication, professionalism, and the positive impact they’ve had on my life.” -Claire, Former Client

What stood out to me was her tenacity. She exudes a sense of toughness and pragmatism and yet at the same time, a kindness that made the whole process feel less daunting. Jill is not one to be easily run over; she navigates the balance between being a helpful guide and a formidable force.

I was impressed with Jill’s approach from the start. Jill and her team were always available during the course of the action. There are countless questions and information requests that arise during the process, and her associate Jake and paralegal Rachel were instrumental in guiding me through it. Jake played a vital role in my case. There were many issues and concerns that I didn’t want to burden Jill with, and Jake stepped in, offering his strategic perspective. He provided me with insights and cautionary advice, ensuring that I made informed decisions.

One of the fortunate aspects of having to endure a prolonged divorce process is that Jill is a pleasure to work with. My experience with the firm, alongside Jill, Jake and Rachel, was excellent. I’m grateful to have found the perfect team to help me secure the best possible outcome in my divorce.” – Former Client

In our initial meeting, it was as if she had a crystal ball, explaining with perfect accuracy what would happen. She always anticipated problems before they arose and had solutions ready to deploy if needed. She consistently demonstrated her deep understanding of the law, forecasting outcomes that proved to be spot-on.

Jill’s advice resonated deeply with me and I trusted her implicitly. Finding a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and understood is crucial, and Jill’s personal experiences as a parent made her relatable and empathetic. Jill and her team were relentless in their commitment to supporting me throughout my divorce journey. Whether I needed to call, text, or email, they were always just a message away, offering prompt responses and valuable strategic guidance. Their dedication and proactive communication made me feel truly supported every step of the way.

It is a no-brainer for me to refer others to Jill because I know firsthand the exceptional quality of service she provides. Jill is not only an exceptional lawyer but also a compassionate individual with a genuine heart. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggles. For anyone seeking legal representation, I wholeheartedly recommend Jill. She became more than just my lawyer; she felt like a member of my family.” – Jennifer, Former Client

Her support has been instrumental in helping me through the toughest days, ultimately saving my kids. When my son was turned against me, Jill and her team became my allies, advocates, and cheerleaders. With their help, he is back in my life.

Jill’s approach is holistic, going beyond the legal aspects. Her first priority was to ensure I had support for my mental health, and as a result, I have emerged as a stronger, better version of myself. She is a rockstar, genuinely understanding the challenges of the journey and wholeheartedly wanting to help. I never felt like I was just a billable matter.

Jill’s reputation speaks for itself. Everybody knows Jill, and for good reason. The divorce process can be incredibly slow and painful, and it becomes apparent how little control you have, even with the best lawyers. That’s why it’s important to have someone who lives and breathes this work day in and day out. Jill’s attention to detail and the timely filing of nuanced documents have made all the difference.

Choosing an attorney requires a high level of comfort. You’ll be sharing the most painful and intimate details of your life. Jill possesses the essential resources, strength, and unwavering empathy needed for such delicate situations. She has been there for me round the clock, offering the lifeline I needed most. Her entire team of associates and paralegals function seamlessly under her guidance, displaying amazing dedication and proving their immense value. When contemplating divorce, turning to a firm like Schoonmaker George, with Jill leading the way, becomes paramount. Jill is more than just an attorney; she’s family.” – Emily, Current Client

I didn’t interview anyone else. Someone said Jill was really good and I trusted her immediately. I let her do her thing. I got divorced years ago. My husband struggled with addiction and it got worse post divorce: the gambling, the drinking, the drugs; and eventually I refiled when he stopped paying.
He was trying to block the kids from doing all the things they loved. I went in just asking for very little things. When he stopped paying child support, he said the kids can’t do soccer and the kids can’t do swim team and the kids can’t go to summer camp. My two kids sat home all summer and didn’t go to summer camp, because he wouldn’t approve it. He was just so unreasonable that he let it go to trial. And he obviously massively lost. So I ended up getting way more than I was even asking for. I would have been happy if he had budged even the slightest bit. Instead, I got change in legal custody. I think most people think settling is better, but in my case, because he’s such an addict and so unreasonable, going to trial was a better outcome for the kids.

Jill way exceeded all of my expectations. Natassia was amazing as well. Her attention to detail was the biggest asset and I didn’t even really understand or realize it until I saw them in action in the trial. I think if it had settled, I probably wouldn’t have ever really appreciated what they actually do. But when you see them show up with the boxes and the organization, it’s so personal. All these individual emails and documents and doctors and they know personal things about your life. It’s also the dynamic between Jill and Natassia. If I hadn’t gone to trial, I wouldn’t have seen the real magic. They were always two steps ahead, Jill was about to ask a question and Natassia was pulling the proof without Jill asking her. The other side looked completely disorganized and on our side, it was seamless.

And when she called me to say “we got everything,” it wasn’t about winning, it’s that my kids’ lives are going to get better. She shot for the moon and we got it. I got final decision-making on education, activities and medical. I know how huge that is.

My biggest takeaway from the whole process is to hire the best lawyer. If I had hired someone else, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the same outcome. If anyone asks me for a lawyer, I’m like, just use Jill. Don’t call anyone else.” – Former Client

I was also in the process of getting sober and worried that my husband would weaponize it against me, so I made a decision to myself that I had to be upfront about it. Jill’s reaction to my story could not have been more different than the four other lawyers I spoke to – she asked questions about my husband’s behavior around my sobriety, told me not to worry about it further because he would not be able to use this against me, and then moved on to strategy. The way she handled it meant the world to me. I realized I wanted a lawyer who makes me feel like that, who reminds me to stand up tall and that I am a strong woman. It wasn’t “woo, girl power!” – it was practical empathy, simply “This is what we’re going to do.” I walked out of her office knowing I could trust Jill to fight for me.
Having a woman lawyer who didn’t judge me allowed me to be so open with her in a way that I could not have been with any of the others. I did not expect divorce to be so painfully invasive, but with Jill I was able to be brutally honest about the intimate details of the good, the bad, and the ugly contained in my almost thirty year marriage and my husband’s infidelities. Jill is a warrior when the situation requires it, but she’s also extremely empathetic – I never anticipated having that level of trust with a lawyer. She was a true partner throughout the process, helping me to be practical about the details but at the same time encouraging me to stand my ground when needed. Jill was an incredible advocate for me from start to finish, and I will be forever grateful to her and her team for their guidance, dedication, and compassion.” – Former Client

I thought I was pretty prepared and pretty knowledgeable about the process, because I’ve had eight other lawyers for different things, but she was able to educate me and share a bunch of knowledge to make me smarter. I admired her grasp of everything and her ability to bring me up to speed. I liked the team approach. She worked very well with her associate Molly and if I needed to talk to somebody, someone was always available right away. I think she would tell you that I was very actively involved. I’m sure there are some clients who just want to sit back and do nothing and let the lawyers handle everything. But I wanted to try to achieve my best possible personal outcome, which I thought would be better if I got personally involved and they were also happy to let me make my own spreadsheets and discuss strategies that could help. My ex hired one of the sharkiest lawyers and Jill knew exactly what to expect before he did anything and how he was going to react before we did everything. Knowing all of the top level opponents in the area proved to be very helpful. My case worked out very well and I’ve since referred Jill to others going through a divorce.” – Will, Former Client


It was like being surrounded by a circle of strong, smart women who were ready to protect and guide me through the challenges ahead.

Despite my initial hopes for an amicable resolution, I soon realized the gravity of my situation with my abusive husband. Jill and Molly’s unwavering dedication to my case became my lifeline. They treated me as their number one priority, providing both legal expertise and emotional support. Molly’s unparalleled recall of every detail, coupled with her extraordinary ability to swiftly locate and source documents and correspondence, was truly remarkable. She is a total powerhouse and together they’re a force to be reckoned with. Rachel’s kindness added a comforting touch to the team dynamic, making me feel truly cared for during a difficult time.

During the legal proceedings, Jill’s brilliance shone through, particularly during the cross-examination of my husband. As I navigated the complexities of divorce, Jill and her team became more than just legal representatives; they became my trusted allies and confidants. With their support, I found the strength to stand up for myself and face the challenges head-on. Getting a divorce is not on anyone’s top ten list of things to do, but I felt like no matter what happened, I was going to be okay because they had my back and I could trust that they were going to do everything they could for me.” – Christina, Former Client

My lawyer recommended Jill Blomberg, and that decision turned out to be a game-changer. From the outset, Jill’s strategy was brilliant. Switching to Jill’s team marked a turning point in my case. She didn’t hesitate to take charge, steering us away from a settlement path that wasn’t working. Jill, along with Molly and Rachel, took immediate action when we filed. She refused to play the opposing lawyer’s game and asserted control, effecting change within months. While she made some decisions that I didn’t like at the time, I always ended up learning that it was the right decision. It’s obviously her world and she knows what she’s doing. I can’t help but think that having her from the beginning would have expedited the process.

The significance of trust in your lawyer cannot be overstated, and Jill’s team consistently earned mine. Their coordination was impeccable, responding promptly even on weekends, and the balance between Jill’s assertiveness and Molly’s calmness was effective. When she walked in the court she just had this confidence and presence. When my ex saw her, he hated it which made me love it even more. She taught him a lesson for sure.

It was clear she even had solid relationships with the other lawyers and court clerks, showcasing her stellar reputation at all levels. I even received a compliment one day when walking to my car from a random lawyer letting me know that I had an incredible lawyer, providing an additional level of reassurance. In hindsight, I would have chosen Jill from the start. Her team’s expertise, coordination, and ability to instill confidence are unmatched. Going through a legal ordeal is never easy and while I know they were all doing their job, I felt that I had acquired a temporary family and what sometimes felt like a therapist who stood by me every step of the way.” – Former Client

 “My divorce felt like being trapped in a blazing fire with my children, desperately needing a way out. Jill and her team went above and beyond to keep us safe.” – Former Client 

Peter Bryniczka

His consistent support, always ending our calls with “Hey man, hang in there,” proved invaluable during the most taxing moments.

The stress eventually landed me in the hospital, and it was in those challenging times that Peter and his team truly stepped up. They were there to pick up the pieces and provide me with essential guidance throughout the process. Peter never made me feel stupid; instead, he laid everything out for me, making sure I fully understood the potential consequences of each decision. By creating guardrails and offering objective advice, he helped me stay measured, especially when considering the well-being of my children and reputation.

Peter’s commitment to my case was evident in his meticulous preparation. His comprehensive binder, filled with detailed notes on every aspect of the story, showcased his complete thoroughness. Going the extra mile is what sets Peter apart and elevates him from ordinary to extraordinary. He is undeniably the “extra.”

If you want to be on a winning team, Peter is the attorney you need. He also surrounds himself with a stellar team, enabling him to make the best decisions for his clients. I highly recommend seeking his expertise sooner rather than later, especially for fathers who need to understand their rights in the complex world of family law. With countless moving parts involved, having Peter by your side provides clarity and guidance.

It’s rare to come across someone who truly gives a “you-know-what,” but Peter does. He is fully invested in his clients’ well-being and their cases. I have felt his dedication firsthand and have always known he’s in it with me, fighting for the best possible outcome. It’s two years later now and I would do anything for him.” – Michael, Former Client

He respected my preference for a non-confrontational approach, while impressively always having a backup plan for every situation.

Peter’s quiet confidence and expertise kept me grounded throughout the entire process. Regardless of the twists and turns, Peter remained unflappable, providing options and solid plans to keep us moving forward. He attentively listened to my concerns and consistently provided clear answers and options. Every interaction made me feel safe and heard, acknowledging my worries while helping us keep moving towards the key goals. He expertly advocated for my best interests while leveraging his experience and maintaining focus on the bigger picture. Peter knew precisely when to assert that “our dog can bite” without resorting to unnecessary force. When we did have a serious issue that needed to be addressed, he reached out to the other attorney and with one interaction, we were back on track.

Peter’s entire team played a crucial role in our success – when I needed someone fast when Peter was in court, I never got some junior person who didn’t know how to handle things. Peter and team were consistently mindful of expenses and did a good job managing tasks to keep costs down while progressing forward. Jake and Marisa were fantastic, and I noticed that Peter’s reputation preceded him, earning respect from both our team and the opposition.

It wasn’t just Peter’s legal expertise that made a difference. He served as both a guide and “counsel,” constantly reminding me that he had “been here before” and that things were going to work out if we stayed focused and stuck to the plan. One time I emailed him after a significant situation surprised me on a Friday night, right before a holiday weekend. Despite the time and circumstances, Peter got back to me immediately and helped me take a deep breath, assuring me that we would regroup in a few days with a plan—and indeed, he always had a plan and contingencies. His ability to navigate complex situations and strategically advocate for me was unparalleled. One of the most memorable moments occurred when I was speaking with my son during a particularly challenging time in the process. I could hear the concern in his voice and see the fear in his eyes as he asked if I had a plan. While I couldn’t tell him the specifics, thanks to Peter, I could confidently share that not only did we have a plan, but we also had a plan B. The relief that washed over my son’s face was immeasurable. I know it sounds hokey, but Peter genuinely cares, and I have complete trust in him.” – Former Client

The pain of going through a divorce is indescribable; it’s like experiencing a deeper form of anguish than words can capture. My ex-spouse exhibited anger and abusive behavior at times, but Peter was a pillar of strength and gentleness. His advice was invaluable, and I trusted him implicitly in every decision. I admired his ability to provide sound counsel, even in situations where he had to resist engaging in unnecessary conflict or running up unnecessary bills. However, when the need arose, and it was time to fight, I saw a side of Peter that was akin to a fearless gladiator. He knew precisely when to draw his metaphorical sword and face any challenge head-on

Peter meticulously considered every angle, never resorting to bullying tactics. He astutely assessed my ex-spouse, understanding the moves his lawyer would make and anticipating their arguments. Peter’s recommendations were thorough, emphasizing the importance of financial due diligence, which led us to hire a forensic accountant. Despite the potential financial gains from going to trial, Peter encouraged mediation as a means of resolution, showcasing his thoughtful and strategic approach.

Peter is deeply sympathetic, compassionate, and encouraging. When I felt like I was falling apart, he bolstered my spirits. Lawyers aren’t often credited as therapists, but Peter’s ability to provide emotional support was truly remarkable. I am eternally grateful to Peter for guiding me through one of the most challenging periods of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation and often do. He’s gone on to successfully help three of my friends with their divorces. Peter is not only a brilliant attorney but also an amazing human being.” – Former Client

Aidan Welsh

Aidan’s commitment to her clients was evident from the start, as she made it clear that she would only take on my case if I was willing to trust her expertise and follow her lead. Her confidence and extensive knowledge in the subject matter reassured me that placing my life in her hands was the right decision. The trust and connection we established were immediate, and within just two days, my life was forever changed. From the very beginning, it was evident that Aidan genuinely cared about my well-being, and her focus was not driven by financial gain. She provided unwavering support and carried me through the challenging times, ultimately transforming my life.” – Tim, Former Client

Her confidence and trust in her team provided me with the reassurance I needed to persevere. I never once doubted her capabilities or worried about the outcome, as she always seemed steps ahead, anticipating what was coming next. Thanks to Aidan’s unparalleled expertise and the support of her team, we successfully resolved an extremely challenging case after nine months of dedicated work. I am deeply grateful for her kindness, professionalism, and determination throughout the entire process.” – Former Client

Aidan and her team were always available, promptly answering calls, texts, and emails. They were beyond supportive and would bring me back to Earth when I was losing it. Aidan and the team at Schoonmaker George were my anchor during the tumultuous journey and I’m extremely grateful for their help.
When I started my divorce, I had an attorney who consistently missed deadlines and failed to handle the necessary paperwork on time. It became financially burdensome and frustrating. That’s when my friend recommended Aidan’s firm. Working with Aidan made all the difference. She ensured everything was on track, and I didn’t have to worry about missing important details. I wish I had started with Aidan sooner; it would have saved me a lot of stress. With two underage children and one with special needs, finding an attorney who understood the unique challenges was crucial. She understood that I wasn’t fighting just to fight – I was fighting for the best interest of my children. Her exceptional skills as an attorney were evident from the start. She was always punctual, knowledgeable, and responsive. No matter how big or small my concerns were, she made time to address them promptly. In the midst of emotional turmoil, she provided the grounding I needed and helped me stay focused. When dealing with high-conflict situations, response time is crucial, and Aidan and her team consistently delivered. I would highly recommend Aidan to anyone and have.” – Anna, Former Client

She handles everything within the boundaries of the law, leaving you in good hands. She walks a fine line between assertiveness and professionalism, never crossing the line. And she holds her clients to the same standard. Aidan takes control of everything that can be controlled, providing a sense of safety and security. She is meticulous, organized, and there were no surprises. In addition to her competence, she is also incredibly sympathetic and I always felt safe and supported.

Throughout my case, everyone involved respected Aidan, and it’s easy to see why. Her extensive experience allows her to navigate each person involved in the process with precision. She knows when it’s appropriate to show emotion and when to maintain composure. Aidan invested an incredible amount of time and effort to understand me and my case, consistently communicating through calls, texts, and emails. One of the many advantages of working with Aidan is her ability to assemble an incredible team of professionals, from accountants to guardian ad litems. With her recommendations, you know you’re in safe hands every step of the way. Even on the rare occasion when she couldn’t attend a court date, she had a remarkable team of lawyers who were fully briefed on my case, ready to step in or answer a question at any time. Having informed backup lawyers is a game changer, and I am immensely grateful for their exceptional support. I owe them a lot as they were really good to me.” Leigh, Former Client

With my ex-husband’s aggressive lawyer on the other side, I knew I needed the right attorney to level the playing field.
Aidan’s presence in court was truly remarkable. She eloquently and confidently advocated for her clients, skillfully striking a balance between deference to the judge and strength to opposing counsel. It was evident that she possessed a deep understanding of courtroom dynamics. Her composed and impactful demeanor commanded attention and respect. Watching her navigate the courtroom, I recognized that Aidan and her team at Schoonmaker George were a formidable force and were the right legal team for me.

Throughout my case, the firm’s extensive resources were evident. Should the need arise, they had the seamless capacity to provide additional support. In hindsight, I would have hired Aidan right from the start. Her legal expertise, unwavering support, and the abundant resources available through her firm made an extraordinary difference in a very difficult period of my life. Engaging her services earlier would have saved me a substantial amount of money and would have avoided wasting precious time.” – Carol S. Former Client

Aidan’s personality made me feel like if she wasn’t my attorney we would definitely be friends. Having a trusted attorney who can secure a fair agreement is crucial in divorce cases. Aidan educated me on what to expect and what constituted fairness, and then she helped me achieve it. Thanks to Aidan, my divorce was completely equitable.

Aidan and her team recognized the significance of timely communication, particularly in a context where emotions were heightened. I always felt that my well-being mattered and that my concerns were addressed promptly and with care. I’ve referred friends to Aidan and will continue to do so in a heartbeat. She is not only an exceptional attorney but also genuinely cares about her clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend Aidan to anyone seeking a family lawyer in Connecticut. Her remarkable legal skills are complemented by her commitment to her clients’ well-being” – Tom M., Former Client

Molly C. Miller

Molly was clear about all the steps and what to expect. Whenever we had to send anything back to my ex-husband, she explained the potential outcomes and our next steps so there were never any surprises. From the start, I told her that my son was my priority and to keep him safe. Once, when we needed a police escort to avoid chaos, the police initially refused. I called Molly, and within minutes, she had arranged for a police escort. I don’t know what magic she used, but she got it done. I’m so grateful to Molly — she literally saved my life and my son’s life.

I remember the final day in court; it was just the two of us. My ex-husband’s lawyer was being super condescending, but I felt empowered. Everything worked out in the best possible way and I turned to Molly and said, “Yes, we did this.” I am always and forever thankful for her.” – Ashley, Former Client 

I felt an immediate connection with her. From then on, I always felt like she truly cared about me as a person and a human being, not just as a client.

The custody process was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Molly’s understanding of my situation, especially dealing with a narcissistic ex, was invaluable. She had the emotional intelligence to navigate the complexities and strategically planned every step.

Molly was upfront about costs and worked with me to avoid a trial and minimize expenses. She suggested hosting a deposition, which my first attorney never mentioned. That deposition was a game changer, preventing us from going to trial and revealing critical information about my ex. Molly always knew what I was willing to compromise on and what I wasn’t. She guided me with integrity, working to keep costs down while ensuring my best interests and my son’s were prioritized.

Her responsiveness was exceptional, even connecting with me during off-hours when needed. If she couldn’t talk immediately, her paralegal would assist, and I always knew when she’d be available. She prepared me well for the deposition, and she was impressive and compassionate throughout the process.

On the day we were supposed to go to trial the second time, Molly saw my ex’s attorney at the courthouse. She seized the opportunity to address the damaging information revealed in the deposition, and was able to get him to settle, avoiding the trial altogether.

Molly has a special place in my life and will always be on a pedestal, because she protected what mattered most to me—my son. I am forever grateful.” – Former Client 

Natassia M. Fodor

One of the things that stand out is how she handled everything with such calm and support. Even in the most stressful moments, she kept me grounded. Her knowledge and ability to communicate effectively were key in helping me understand the process.

She has this ability to be so tough, so direct and so freaking knowledgeable. I could always see where my case was going and she prepared me every step of the way.

I tend to get emotional and wrapped up and animated, but she was OK with that, too. She’s very understanding. She has this ability to not get ruffled. And it’s not in a robotic calm. It’s a supportive, understanding, calm nature, even keeled. I never felt judged. I always felt comfortable going to her with even some of the craziest stuff that was going through my head. She’s very personable in terms of that. To find all those qualities in one person is just very unique. She has every kind of quality you can imagine that you would need in this kind of situation.

My daughters are in a much better situation now. Natassia fought for a gradual and slow process, which ultimately helped us achieve a much better outcome than I could have anticipated. I always felt taken care of, and the level of communication was exceptional. Rachel and Natassia are like my heroes. They helped me through the most difficult year of my life. I feel truly lucky to have had them by my side during this time.” – Katie, Former Client  


We are here to help answer any questions you have and guide you through this process. We recommend that you call our firm to set up a consultation appointment with one of our attorneys. You may also use the form to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


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We are here to help answer any questions you have and guide you through this process. We recommend that you call our firm to set up a consultation appointment with one of our attorneys. You may also use the form to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


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