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Family legal matters such as divorce and child custody can be exceptionally challenging issues with which to deal. Accordingly, more people who find themselves involved in a family law dispute are turning to mediation. The mediation process is a structured negotiation that is facilitated by a neutral third-party called a mediator.  The mediation process is completely private, more efficient than seeking a litigated result in court and almost always more thorough in terms of addressing all important issues to the full satisfaction of parties and counsel.

Contacting a Fairfield County mediation lawyer today when entering the divorce process or another family law issue could help save money on litigation and potentially speed up the timeline for resolution. Perhaps you are already being represented by a family law attorney but wish to expedite the process with the help of mediation lawyers. Assuming the other party agrees to participate, mediation will almost certainly be a faster and less expensive way to address your family law matter when compared to traditional litigation.

Advantages of Mediation

A Fairfield County family law attorney who is representing a client going through a divorce or separation will likely recommend pursuing mediation as an alternative to what otherwise could be a protracted legal battle in court. The process typically begins by hiring a mutually chosen neutral third party called a mediator whose primary job is helping the parties reach agreement on any outstanding issues. The mediator does not decide issues like a judge but rather facilitates discussion between the parties to empower them to privately resolve their differences in the best interests of their family.

Whether it is voluntarily undertaken or court ordered, mediation offers a plethora of advantages to those who make a sincere effort to utilize the process. Those advantages include the following:

Less Stress

The underlying purpose of mediation is to promote cooperation that is mutually beneficial. Effective mediation may ease tension, engender amicable behavior, and remove much of the raw emotion that often hinders progress in traditional litigious divorce or separation proceedings.  This cooperative spirit is intended to, and often does, continue post-mediation enabling the parties to have a better relationship post-divorce than they might if they had litigated their matter in court.  Moreover, each party gets the opportunity to have a personal face-to-face conversation with the mediator.  This is far different from the court process where each party can only speak to the judge while under oath, on the witness stand and in accordance with the rules of evidence.   Put another way, mediation allows for conversations while the courtroom only allows for a regulated system of questions and answers.

Cost Savings

Many married couples who divorce or separate are shocked to find out how expensive the process can be. Addressing matters through mediation early in the divorce process may result in significant savings.


While mediation may take some time, by and large, handling a family law dispute through mediation can take just a matter of weeks as opposed to months or years in the case of drawn-out litigation.  Much of this is due to the fact that a mediation can be efficiently scheduled whereas obtaining a trial date with a court puts parties and counsel at the mercy of the court’s calendar.


There may not be much privacy when airing out family conflict in a public courtroom. By contrast, mediation uses entirely private sessions in which the participants can speak freely without fear of otherwise confidential information becoming public knowledge.


Divorce and separation involving children usually takes an emotional toll on everyone involved, but particularly on the children themselves. Thanks to the collaborative and largely peaceful nature of mediation, there is far less of a risk that toxicity and anger spilling over and affecting the children. Choosing mediation could help ensure that the kids stay happy and well-adjusted despite the family’s new circumstances.

Hiring a Fairfield County family lawyer experienced in mediation as a way to resolve a major legal issue could leave both parties feeling satisfied not just with the results but with the process as a whole. Divorcing or separating couples who use mediation tend to feel more in control of the process and more confident in the final outcome.

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There is no question that ending a marriage through divorce or separation can be a difficult experience. But, much of the difficulty can be avoided if both parties are willing to resolve their differences through mediation – which could even be court-ordered. Contact a Fairfield County mediation lawyer today for information on how mediation could benefit you and other members of your family.