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When parents divorce or separate, it is often necessary to create a child support arrangement to ensure any children have the necessary resources to succeed. The Connecticut Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines is a set of state regulations used in family court to establish baseline child support payment amounts. Because child support orders are primarily based on the combined income of both parents, a significant change in one parent’s employment circumstances is often grounds for a modification.

If you have any questions about your rights regarding child support, it may be wise to contact a child support lawyer. A family law attorney will provide assistance in any child support issue you might be having. You may need to have an existing child support order enforced or have it modified due to a change in financial circumstances with the help of a Fairfield County child support lawyer.

Calculating Child Support

Parents in Connecticut are legally obligated to support their children financially, regardless of their marital status. In the event of divorce or separation, child support is calculated with the “income shares” model which is based on the idea that a child whose parents live apart should have access to the same amount of income just as if the parents were living together.

A Fairfield County child support lawyer could explain the process of calculating child support:

  • The net weekly income of both parents calculated and fed into a state worksheet
  • A “basic child support obligation” is determined from the worksheet, which is a percentage of the parents’ combined income that should be allocated to child-rearing expenditures
  • This amount is then prorated between the parents based on the amount each one contributes to the income total
  • From there, often the financial issues and support amounts are further negotiated, including based on parental obligations for specific expenses or categories of expenses for the child.

There is a presumption in Connecticut that a child support amount that is calculated in this manner is correct. However, there are often situations that allow for deviation. A Fairfield County child support lawyer might help obtain a deviation based on a wide array of specific and/or special circumstances pertinent to the parties and child in question.

Child Support Modification & Enforcement

It is always possible for a child support order to be modified to better reflect the economic situation of both parents, if substantial changes in financial circumstances occur for either / both parents or the child. Just what constitutes a substantial change in circumstances is situational although it can be based on a significant drop or rise in income, serious illness or disability, or major changes in the needs and expenses of the child.

Another common child support issue is enforcement. In some cases, a parent may not pay what they are required to and the other parent must pursue what support is owed and also pursue the court to find an arrearage of unpaid support. A Fairfield County child support attorney could file a contempt action in court to fight for the court to enforce the agreement through wage garnishment, fines, or even incarceration.

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You will almost certainly have questions about child support if you are going through a divorce or legal separation involving children. You may also have an existing child support order but feel it no longer adequately reflects the financial situation of your family. If you need legal assistance regarding child support, contact a Fairfield County child support lawyer today to speak with a local professional about your rights and options.