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Child Custody Negotiation in Fairfield County

Whenever there are child custody issues, the court will consider the history of the family, the child’s age, and many other statutory factors that might affect physical custody in Connecticut. Weekend parenting time likely may be shared fairly equally, especially if the children are older or if both parents have flexible schedules. If both parents work, they might spend nearly equal time with the child on a weekly basis. At the end of the day, parents should work to find child custody solutions that are in the best interests of their child while minimizing the conflict.  If parents cannot agree then a Judge in court will ultimately make a determination and enter orders.

Both parents are generally afforded fairly equal, or as close as possible to equal, time with the child but if either parent has issues with mental illness, substance abuse, or where any number of other factors are present which could affect their ability to appropriately spend time with the child, work with the child, or work with the other parent, such issues could impact parenting time and custody. A healthy co-parenting relationship should feature conversation and respect, and usually, this requires child custody negotiation in Fairfield County. By negotiating instead of going to court, the parents may save time and money on litigation and minimize the impact on their child.

How an Attorney in Fairfield County Could Help

A Fairfield County lawyer could help a parent achieve favorable results for child custody by advising them of which behaviors, factors, and facts are important during custody considerations and which are less important, whether it is as to establishing parenting time, decision-making, or both. A lawyer should also know how to identify and then leverage the significant facts and information in a given case to build the strongest possible case for their client and present it either in the settlement process, mediation and/or in court.

To help clients seeking child custody, lawyers often accentuate what that parent does that is particularly good for the child and the co-parenting relationship. If the parents cannot work together effectively or have ongoing disputes about the child, the court may need to intervene. However, most parents would choose to use cooperative negotiation with the other parent and their counsel in Fairfield County custody disputes to reach a resolution of issues whenever possible, enabling parents to present a united front to their child(ren).  When a cooperative resolution is not possible, then a parent’s lawyers need to present their client position to a Judge in court who will make a decision resolving the issues at hand.

Another way Fairfield County attorneys help their clients is by encouraging them to focus on their behavior and appropriately responding to the situation and the other parent in an effort to bolster their case as child custody cases are often very emotional. All of a parent’s actions will be under a microscope in court, but scrutiny could be minimized by presenting an amicable parenting and custody plan after negotiation.

Can Child Custody Be Renegotiated in Fairfield County?

Child custody can be revisited, renegotiated and/or re-litigated at a later time if there are substantial material changes regarding the child or the parents. If the parents are unable to successfully renegotiate a new agreement, the court has the power to enter appropriate orders based on the changed circumstances, and the best interests of the child.

Any court or practitioner looking at child custody issues should be guided by the best interests of the child. If a certain existing custodial arrangement is no longer in the best interests of the child, and if the parties cannot come to an agreement, the court must enter new orders based on the best interest of the child. Child custody may be revisited and negotiated at any time.

Call an Attorney for Help Today With Custody in Fairfield County

As a parent to your child, you want the best for them. In many cases, this requires working cooperatively with your child’s other parent to ensure that they have continuing and frequent contact so long as it is healthy. To do this, it may be wise to look into child custody negotiation in Fairfield County instead of moving straight to litigation. To learn more about your legal options, call the compassionate lawyers at SGCBBW today. They will be able to advise you on how best to resolve your matter cooperatively if possible or, if not possible, then prepare and present your case to a Judge in court in a manner to have best chance of preferred outcome under the facts and circumstances.