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How a Fairfield County Lawyer Could Help in Custody Cases

When handling the child custody component of their divorce, parents should consider whether they have legitimate reasons to be concerned about their ex-spouse’s ability to appropriately parent their child. If there are serious concerns about one of the parties, such as alcohol abuse or mental illness,  the other parent should pursue legal action to either require adequate and safe care or to remove the child from the situation. Moreover, a parent with small children whose ex-spouse has never had to deal with their bedtime routine, put them to bed, or get them up in the morning might want to ease into a parenting plan wherein the children can gradually become accustomed to spending time with the other parent without their primary parent.

It is important to consider the facts and circumstances of your case, the strengths, and weaknesses of your child’s other parent, how those strengths and weaknesses relate to the needs of your child, and how to take care of your child’s best interests. If you are facing a custody battle, you may be wondering how a Fairfield County lawyer could help in custody cases. Whether it is just advice or full-blown litigation, a custody attorney could be a valuable ally throughout the custody process.

What Does an Attorney Do During Child Custody Proceedings?

One of the ways how an attorney in Fairfield County could help in a custody case is by explaining the process of taking a case to court or settling outside of trial. A lawyer could build a case to ensure that everything is resolved the way their client wanted it to be or as close as feasibly possible under the law. Divorce lawyers often stay involved with the people they help and advise them as to how to navigate what is often a completely new, uncertain, and intimidating process for them.

Lawyers advise clients on how to comport themselves in court, with their ex-spouse, and with their children to ensure that they have the greatest possible chance of a positive outcome. For most parents, this will be the first time facing custody issues in court, though unfortunately, it is often not the last time.

If the case goes to a trial because negotiations to resolve the issues fall apart, it is the lawyer’s responsibility to present to the judge the strongest case possible on through the discovery process and by enlisting appropriate professionals, such as psychologists, custody evaluators, and the like, to present the case to the court. Organizing all the pertinent information is just one of the ways an attorney is able to help during Fairfield County custody cases.

Unique Factors Affecting Connecticut Custody Cases

In Connecticut, there are several statutes regarding child custody that parents should be aware of, but child custody laws are written broadly enabling judges to take stock of all the facts and circumstances surrounding children, their parents, and the family in order to fashion the best possible decision. There are provisions in the law so that the nuances of each child, parent, and family, complete with their dynamics, strengths, weaknesses, successes, and problems, might all be taken into account when creating a final agreement and schedule.

Parents heading into a custody battle should know that child custody is all about the facts and the history particular to each case and there is no automatic parenting schedule or decision-making structure. The statute supports the child’s best interests given the totality of the circumstance, not what either parent might want. Negotiating to reach an amenable schedule before even heading to court is a key way how legal counsel may be of use during a Fairfield County custody proceeding.

Let a Lawyer Assist in Fairfield County Custody Cases

Custody does not need to be fought over in court. Each parent’s attorney could negotiate to create a mutually agreeable solution to minimize costs and move forward in the best interest of the child. If you are trying to determine a custody plan for your child, call today to learn how a Fairfield County lawyer could help in custody cases.