Practice Areas

History of cases

Our attorneys have substantial experience negotiating and drafting premarital, postnuptial and dissolution agreements. Many of our clients and/or their spouses have significant assets, including complex compensation packages and interests in real estate, hedge funds, and private equity companies; many clients run their own businesses. Our firm also frequently handles child custody cases involving substantial abuse issues, mental health issues, physical and verbal abuse, alienation, relocation, and grandparents’ rights cases.

When necessary, we will work with well-qualified valuation experts, forensic accountants, child custody evaluators, and other professionals to meet our clients’ needs. We also have an Alternative Dispute Resolution department. Our dedicated attorneys would be happy to speak with you about your needs and answer any questions you have about the divorce process, custody and visitation concerns, and any other aspects of family law. We recommend that when you are ready, give our office a call and we will set up a consultation appointment. All communications with our office are completely confidential.

Areas of Practice

The recent Coronavirus, or Covid-19, pandemic is affecting many aspects of life in Connecticut. This includes matters related to family and divorce law. The courts in Connecticut currently remain open. However, there are some significant changes to operations due to the Coronavirus that may impact filing for divorce, parenting plans, and other family law matters.  The courts will only be addressing Priority 1 business matters at this time, which for family law means that the courts are only hearing relief from abuse and emergency custody matters.

The members of our firm are available to speak with you about any family law matters.  We also have an Alternative Dispute Resolution Department, led by Judge Thomas Colin (Ret.),  that can help to expedite the resolution of matters during this time when the courts are hearing only limited matters.   Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss further with you.