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Greenwich Prenuptial Lawyer

Every spouse enters a marriage with their own assets, property, and methods of responding to unforeseen events. Our excellent prenuptial attorneys will consider what you have at stake and how to address your concerns without causing unnecessary conflicts so that you could establish a transparent plan and marital agreement to get your marriage off to the right start.

A prenuptial agreement clarifies and safeguards your interests. You could work towards this goal with the help of our dedicated attorneys who listen carefully and understands the principles of family, estate, and contract law. To make a smooth transition into your marriage unburdened by misunderstandings or unanswered questions that could precipitate future conflict, schedule a consultation with our Greenwich prenuptial lawyers.

Subjects Addressed in Pre-Marital Contracts

Connecticut law allows partners to negotiate and stipulate conditions on a range of subjects in a prenuptial agreement, as per the Connecticut Premarital Agreement Act, General Statutes of Connecticut (“G.S.C.”) §46b-36a through 36j. These subjects include:

  • Law governing agreement
  • Arrangements for carrying out agreement provisions
  • Property rights, control, and disposition upon divorce, separation and/or death
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Rights under a retirement plan
  • Spousal support
  • Other matters

The law also places limitations on premarital agreements, which cannot contain provisions that violate criminal statutes or public policies. In addition, the contract cannot conflict with a child’s right to support, and any provision related to children in any way may be reviewed and, if necessary, modified by a court. If someone in Greenwich or Fairfield County needs legal assistance regarding acceptable provisions for a prenuptial agreement the will benefit immensely by receiving useful advice from our dedicated Greenwich prenuptial attorneys at SGCBBW.

Barriers to Prenuptial Agreement Enforcement

Certain conditions may make a prenuptial agreement, or some part of it, unenforceable by law. Enforcement may be hindered if one of the parties can prove that they did not enter the agreement voluntarily. They might argue that the agreement was unethical in either execution or enforcement or that the other partner’s assets, income, or financial burdens were not fully disclosed before the contract was made. Additionally, if the agreement is found to be “unconscionable” as of the time it was signed or at the time enforcement is sought (e.g. if circumstances have so drastically changed as to render enforcement of the agreement unconscionable) in the eyes of the law, then it likely will not be enforced by the court.

To devise a premarital agreement that lawfully covers whatever conditions you wish to set, and one that will weather the test of time and changes as years pass,  it is wise to work with one of our Greenwich prenuptial lawyers with the experience and knowledge to draft the contract you want and work out the details that your situation entails.

Work with Our Attorneys and Prepare for Every Possibility

One of the first steps prospective spouses can take to form a strong and lasting marriage is to put their respective plans on the table before the wedding. Secure your interests and make your expectations clear before future events, such as the birth of children, or receipt of inheritances or interests in Trusts, make the partnership and the mutual obligations of you and your partner vastly more complicated than they are on your wedding day. Spouses who were married previously and have children from such prior relationships also are advised to use premarital agreements in connection with second or subsequent re-marriages to clarify and specify estate planning concerns as related to their children and new spouse.

If you live in Greenwich and are wondering what the construction and negotiation of a prenuptial agreement would entail, find answers early on before the tasks involved in planning a wedding distract you from finalizing a written agreement. Schedule a consultation with our Greenwich prenuptial lawyers to discuss the benefits and the steps involved in a signed, legal premarital agreement. Even if you are unsure whether a contract makes sense in your case, you could benefit from consulting with our experienced prenuptial law attorneys.