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Forms of Child Custody in Fairfield County

Per Connecticut child custody laws, legal custody refers to decision-making authority and whether both parents must agree on major decisions that affect the child. These major decisions include medical, education, and religious decisions for a child.  If you are confronting child custody disputes or simply want to learn more about your right to make decisions for your child, a dedicated family attorney may be your best option. An experienced lawyer could help you understand the different forms of child custody in Fairfield County and help you pursue the relationship with your child you want, and they need.

The Factors Impacting Legal Custody

There are statutory factors that could impact whether a parent is awarded legal custody. The decision often comes down to the abilities of both parents to address and meet the needs of the child whether they are emotional, psychological, and physical. When determining legal custody, the child’s best interests is taken into account, including, particularly, the history of the family and the child. The abilities or inabilities of the parents to appropriately work with each other, appropriately parent the child, and meet the child’s needs will all be analyzed amongst other factors.

What are the Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Having Legal Custody of a Child in Fairfield County?

Parents in Fairfield County who have legal custody of their children have the right to make decisions about their children’s education, medical care, religious upbringing, and other major decisions. A joint legal custodian is responsible for conferring with the other parent and doing their best to reach a consensus about important decisions affecting the child such as which extracurricular activities the child will be involved in, which school they will attend, and what kind of medical care they will receive.

Parents with joint legal custody have the responsibility of not only trying to make the best decision they can for their child, but involving and conferring with the other parent who shares the same right to make a decision as a joint legal custodian.

Parents who have a disproportionate level of legal custody might have tie-breaking authority over major decisions if they confer with the other parent and still cannot come to an agreement. When a parent is facing this type of difficulty, conferring with an experienced attorney may help clarify who gets the final say in such matters.

An Attorney Could Help Parents Understand the Different Types of Child Custody

There are many forms of child custody in Fairfield County, and certain forms may be better for some families than others. If parents are able to co-parent together effectively despite being divorced or separated, they could build a parenting schedule that maximizes each party’s parenting time without excessively interrupting the child’s life.

If you are unsure about how to proceed or negotiate about child custody, working with a skilled lawyer could help see you through the process, leading to a solution that could be best for your family. Finding the right balance for child custody and visitation in your family is essential to maintaining the health and wellbeing of your child. To help ensure that you are able to give your best to your child, call an attorney today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your family’s legal options.